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West Texas
Pineapple Cactus Bloom
Marfa Valley
Marfa Shadows
Long Afternoon Shadow
Choya Blooming
Blue Cactus and Bouganvilla
West Texas Prickly Poppy
2020 San Antonio Fiesta Poster
"Del Norte Range"
"Approaching Front"
"West Texas Valley" II
"Marfa Agave"
"Alpine Afternoon"
"Marfa Agave" I Red on Blue
"Marfa Agave" I Blue on Pink
"Desert Rose" Green with Blue
"Desert Rose" Purple on Yellow
"Desert Rose" Red on Green
"Desert Rose" Red with Green
"Sunlit Hills"
"Marfa Prickly Pear" II Blue
"Marfa Agave Series" II
"Clouds Over Sangre De Christos"
"Aloe Still Life"
"Indian Head Ranch Vista"
"Clouds Over Sangre De Christos"
"Desert Sunset"
"White Clouds Over Perdernal Mt."
"West Texas Landscape"
"Vista Del Norte"
"Marfa Landscape" I
"West Texas Vista"
"Agave Tapestry" II
"Serape Bloom" II
"High Desert Valley"
"Cathedral Mountain"
"West Texas Sunset"
"Prickly Pear Sketch" II
"Prickly Pear"
"Purple Mesa"
"Lavender Agave"
"Cactus Garden"
"Autumn Hills"
"Marfa Agave"
"Vista Del Norte"
"Panoramic Sky"
"Marfa Agave"
"Burning Cedars"
"Alpine Valley"
"Alpine Sky"
"Texas Mesa"
"Prickly Pear with Tapestry"
"Blooming Prickly Pear"
"West Texas Vista"
"Marble Mine view of Cathedral"
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